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Dove Art

Few birds have such symbolic meaning as the dove. Dove art explores the themes of peace and love that are generally associated with this bird. There are many kinds of dove paintings but the majority of these works are meant to be inspirational in some way, regardless of how they are depicted in the actual work.

Pablo Picasso explored dove canvas art in his paintings and many of the examples of graphic dove art people enjoy today were inspired by his works. This infamous artist primarily used doves in his artwork as an inspirational symbol of peace and celebration, as seen in 'Dove of Peace' and 'Vive la Paix'. However, there were a few works in which doves were associated with childhood and innocence, such as in his dove painting 'Child with Dove'.
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Dove Artwork

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All Things Ready
Fine-Art Print
16" x 20"
Was: $23.99
Now: $5.99
Child with Dove
Fine-Art Print
22" x 28"
Was: $103.99
Now: $25.99
Between Us
Fine-Art Print
17" x 58"
Was: $91.99
Now: $22.99

*Sell Out Risk*
Love Song One
Fine-Art Print
28" x 36"
Was: $219.99
Now: $54.99
Fresco Doves
Fine-Art Print
32" x 21"
Was: $159.99
Now: $39.99
Good Tidings Dove
Fine-Art Print
8" x 16"
Was: $15.99
Now: $3.99
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Many other artists also use dove imagery in paintings as a symbol of childhood. Images like 'Femme a Columbe' by Tamara De Lempicka use a combination of art deco styling and traditional Madonna and Child poses and expressions in order to display a mothers possessiveness of a child that will only leave if let go. Other artists use these same devices, such as Sandra Bierman. However, her dove painting, 'The Dove' reflects the joy of having an unexpected child while still using Madonna imagery, rather than the pain of them leaving.

Many Christian artists also use dove imagery in their work as a symbol of God's love and forgiveness. These works are typically less about the actual bird and more about its symbolism. These dove art prints, such as 'All Things Ready' serve as a symbol of hope and a reminder of God's promise not to leave them.
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