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Polar Bear Art

Polar bear art is quite adorable and lovely. Polar bears are creatures that have a lovable, cuddly personality. They are all white in color making them uniquely beautiful, especially in art. This category includes art paintings and pictures of polar bears, cubs, and families together. Some of these images are still and calm with polar bears sleeping or sitting. Others are action images with polar bears running, fishing, and swimming.
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Polar Bear Artwork

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Polar Bear Cub
Fine-Art Print
9" x 12"
Was: $15.99
Now: $3.99
Nature's Kingdom-Polar Bears
Fine-Art Print
36" x 12"
Was: $67.99
Now: $16.99
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Looking at one of this art pieces makes your heart melt with joy instantly. The cuteness of these creatures is simply unexplainable. If you like animals in their original habitats you could choose an art piece of a polar bear in snow.

Polar bears are sometimes associated with Christmas because of the snow and so you could get something that also gives off the Christmas feel for example the “make a wish” piece which has an image of the polar bear looking down on Christmas tree.

If you love bears but you think the wild bears make for scary images, then you might want to go for the polar bear art. Polar bear art would make for a good piece in your children’s play are especially if you are working with an animal theme. The good thing about animal themes with kids is that they get to learn as well as enjoying the beauty of the paintings and pictures. If you love the animals too, you can also have one of this warm art pieces in your living room or bedroom. Any space you place this art in will ooze off a warm feeling to its surroundings.
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In The Adirondacks
Fine-Art Print
19" x 26"
Was: $139.99
Now: $34.99
Dancing Bears
Fine-Art Print
8" x 6"
Was: $11.99
Now: $2.99
Visitors on the North Fork
Fine-Art Print
36" x 20"
Was: $159.99
Now: $39.99

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