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Turkey Art

Although more people are familiar with the turkey as a mainstay of Thanksgiving, turkey art is highly popular among art audiences. These works have less variety than many of the offerings in other art categories but what it lacks in diversity, it more than makes up for in quality works of art.

Turkey art is frequently associated with hunting scene paintings because these works are typically displayed in the same places, regardless of whether actual hunting is being depicted in the actual work of art. Because turkeys are such a popular bird for hunting, works such as 'Turkey Hunt' by Red Horse Signs are common sights in hunting lodges and other places where game hunters gather.
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Turkey Paintings

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Wild Turkey
Fine-Art Print
20" x 27"
Was: $55.99
Now: $13.99
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Natural art prints featuring turkeys are the most common depiction of these fair fowl in the art world. These examples of avian art show turkeys in their natural habitat and frequently feature groups of the birds. Several artists have explored this subject but few have works that are as well known as Claude Monet's 'The Turkeys at the Chateau de Rottembourg, Montgeron, 1877'. However, the subjects and environments of turkey canvas art are fairly typical in their depictions, much more so than other examples of natural art prints.

Many of the turkey prints that are available also double as seasonal art. This is partially due to the fact that turkeys are commonly associated with Thanksgiving, which occurs in the fall, but also because the fall season is typically when these birds are hunted.
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