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Alligator Art

Alligator art document one of the most unchanged creatures in existence. Alligators date their lineage back to prehistoric times when dinosaurs were still alive and are one of the most pure examples of the ferocity of those ancient monsters. This nature is highlighted in photographic reptile images as well as alligator paintings where these creatures are still depicted as fearsome predators.

Many master artists displayed alligators in their paintings for a variety of reasons. In Eugene Delacroix's wild animal painting, 'Lion and Alligator, 1863', a young alligator is being eaten by a lion. This work was a political statement about the troubled relations between England and Jamaica at the time of the American Civil War. Another artist that an explored alligator in his work was Peter Paul Rubens, whose alligator depiction in 'Hippopotamus and Alligator Hunt' became synonymous with the ferocity and deadliness of these reptiles.
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Alligator Artwork

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Crocodile Golf
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In modern times, alligator art has been reinvented along with everything else. Whimsical amphibian pictures such as 'Safari-Crocodile' by Paul Brent and 'In a While' by Selena Bowman show the alligator as a friendly creature. This form of imagery meant for children is due to the fact that alligators always seem to be smiling because of the alignment of their jaws.

Despite many modern depictions of alligators being goofy or silly, the reality is very different. Alligator photography reveals the prehistoric and dangerous traits of these massive creatures. While fascinating, the reptile images show a predator who was made to be one of the strongest in a harsh and unforgiving world.
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