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Snake Art

There are few symbols that are as universally recognized or as powerful as that of the snake. Snake art, like the snake itself, has two dual purposes in the art world, as a symbol and as an actual creature. These works of reptile images serve to either illustrate the meanings which have become synonymous with serpents or to illuminate this highly unique and misunderstood creature.

Nearly every culture has stories about snakes and depicted them in their symbolic artwork. These works depict snakes as the merging of feminine and masculine energies into a separate yet equal whole. Others choose to use snake art as being reminiscent of rebirth and purification, as seen in the headpiece of ancient pharaohs. However, all snake imagery deals with the idea of snakes being involved with the manipulation of energy and life forces.
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Snake Artwork

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Snake Charmer
Fine-Art Print
28" x 22"
Was: $95.99
Now: $23.99
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In Christian mythology, the serpent was a deceiver and this viewpoint is still held today. However, snake photography is trying to change that attitude in modern art consumers by showing the diversity and beauty of these animals in their nature photos. The different kinds of snakes that are depicted are colorful, strong, and unique. While snake worship isn't practiced in today's world, it's easy to see why ancient cultures revered these reptiles in their culture.

Like its symbolic meaning, snake paintings are full of duality. Deadly yet beautiful, different yet the same, these unique reptiles are deserving of respect. In some ways it could be argued that modern snake art enthusiasts are trying to portray these reptiles as a powerful force that must be handled carefully rather than as the soulless monster that they've been interpreted as for so long.
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