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Math Posters

Math posters are helpful and aesthetic works of art that are suitable for both the home and educational venues. These works typically feature some sort of geometry image and frequently fall into the category of graphic art. Teachers often use math posters in order to provide visual aid images to their students. These works can be formula prints or other forms of mathematical art. Works such as the 'Mathematical Elements' series by Ethan Harper can be helpful for students of all ages by providing a physical, constant reminder of key formulas and theories.
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Math Art

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Noah's Ark Numbers
Fine-Art Print
16" x 20"
Was: $23.99
Now: $5.99
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The usefulness of this tool for teachers is immense, particularly for geometric images, as seen in the poster, 'Triangles', where the image provides clarity to the subject matter in a concrete way.

Many examples of mathematical art doesn't contain an image at all. These works are purely visual aid posters that are meant to inform, rather than remind or provide a particular insight. These works are generally fairly plain and provide the bare minimum of information, without context or aesthetic appeal. Works like 'Multiplication Table' are typical in this sub-category of formulaic prints.

Math posters for younger audiences have more graphic qualities. These works typically focus on recognizing the form of various numbers. For example, Megan Meagher's mathematical image, 'Kid's Room Numbers' uses bright colors and a variety of shapes to make the subject more interesting, as well as educate and enlighten young pupils who may be unaware of the meanings within the symbols.
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Fine-Art Print
32" x 24"
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Fine-Art Print
34" x 22"
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