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Lightning Art

Humans have always been awed by extremes in weather and therefore, it comes as no surprise that lightning art has been a subject of fascination for as long as artists have been able to capture it through photograph or canvas. Thanks to the influence of technology and interest in scientific phenomenon, this form of art has gained massive popularity in a short amount of time. Where traditional artists used the varying moods of the sky to create certain emotive atmospheres in their work, lightning pictures has revolutionized what emotional properties are available through the subject of radical changes in the weather. Lightning has been a symbol of power, passion, divine intervention, and more throughout the years, and that's precisely what lightning art attempts to convey through the use of photographs and imaginative paintings.
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Lightning Artwork

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Nature's Majesty II
Fine-Art Print
28" x 22"
Was: $27.99
Now: $6.99
Nature's Majesty-Waves
Fine-Art Print
28" x 22"
Was: $151.99
Now: $37.99
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While most of the canvas representations in this category are typically either religious or emotive in nature, contemporary artists are finding lightning to be a viable subject matter in its own right. Although lightning photography is still the primary medium in which this art form is represented, more artists are finding the inspiration of nature's ferocity in their own paintings. Photography that incorporates lightning art is surprisingly full of depth and beauty. Lightning storms are portrayed both near and far in order to satisfy the curiosity and artistic integrity of these pieces. Blasted trees and roiling clouds are encompassed freely and provide surprising tints and shades that wouldn't be available otherwise. In both mediums of this art category, other objects aside from lightning are typically portrayed, as well. These subjects include mountains, oceans, animals, cities, and other organic or inorganic objects. These art works are more than mere depictions of atmospheric irregularities however, but translations of one of the most powerfully passionate phenomenon of nature. Because of the exciting impact of these works, they are typically used in professional settings rather than personal homes. However, when they are used in personal abodes, these art works are typically displayed in studies or other domains of intellectual or creative pursuits.
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Victorian Winter, 1987
Fine-Art Print
14" x 19"
Was: $91.99
Now: $22.99

*Sell Out Risk*
Storm on the Sea of Galilee
Fine-Art Print
11" x 14"
Was: $75.99
Now: $18.99
Fine-Art Print
24" x 20"
Was: $39.99
Now: $9.99

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