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Russian Art

Russian art is a fascinating category full of diverse styles and incredible talent. Many people respect and admire Russian artworks for their sense of depth, energy, and amazing use of color and light in their paintings.

Russian art was highly influenced by the Byzantium mode of expression in its early years. This resulted in a form of iconography depictions that was mosaic and brightly colorful in nature. Thanks to the relatively slow development of various art movements throughout Russia, this form of art became highly evolved.

Artists such as Andrey Rublyov helped the Russian culture move away from icon painting for religious purposes and restructured it to reveal more personalized subjectivity. A large amount of churches still contain icon paintings in their design and this form of art has also been examined by modern artists who depict traditional Russian handiwork, customs, and other subjects through the use of brightly colored icons and symbols.
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Russian Artwork

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Russian Tea
Fine-Art Print
12" x 12"
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Russian Tea
Fine-Art Print
22" x 29"
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Once introduced, Russian painters were highly successful with European techniques, however. Many artists were masters of their time and Russian representational painting has some of the finest portraiture and landscape artwork ever created, with vibrant colors and interesting compositions.

However, Russian art didn't develop a name for itself until the modernist movement began. Artists began looking into Russia's past, bringing folk art and icon painting back to the foreground and reinventing them. Russian art is now filled with flat painting styles, beautifully rendered coloring, and increasingly complex representations of political and social issues.

As a decorative choice for the home, Russian art is very flexible. Its bright color palette gives it a dynamic edge for matching with other styles and can appear quaint and homely or impressive and thought provoking depending on the piece chosen. For people considering modern or chic styles, Russian art is an excellent choice and will match nearly any other style throughout the home while still drawing the eye. Traditional art in this category is also arresting and is perfect for bedrooms or as a showcase piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.
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