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Alexei Von Jawlensky Wall Art

Alexej von Jawlensky (Born in 1864) was born in Torschok. He died in Wiesbaden in 1941. He began his artistic training in 1889 after a career as an officer in the army. Jawlensky studied in St. Petersburg under Ilja Repin who introduced him to Helene Nesnakomoff and Marianne von Werefkin – the former later became his wife. In 1896, he accompanied the two to Munich where they went to visit a private art school where he met Kandinsky Wassily, a renowned artist of his time. Jawlensky undertook several trips to France; and at the 'Salon d'automne', he was able to show 10 paintings with the help of Djagilev Sergej. The artist also met Matisse Henri for the first time. He worked with Gabriele Münter and y Marianne Kandinsk von Werefkin in summer of 1908 in Murnau. The four artists developed the idea for the foundation of the 'New Artists Association in Munich in which they aligned with other artists.

The first exhibition by this association took place in Munich In December. Creating something from scratches and nurturing its conversion into a piece that is full of color, stratagem and dexterity was main objective. His art has been included in numerous public installations and corporate collections through out the country and abroad. Jawlensky worked directly with corporate art consultants and designers to help place his original art in site specific locations. At the beginning his style was influenced mainly by Matisse, but he later discovered his own style which bordered on expressionism, characterized by simple forms and strong colors. Later he turned to those mystical, spiritualized and calm images of the Human face.
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Looking Within - Rosy Light
Fine-Art Print
24" x 32"
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Girl Wearing an Apron
Fine-Art Print
22" x 28"
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Now: $24.99
Head with Open Eyes
Fine-Art Print
16" x 20"
Was: $19.99
Now: $4.99
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